Introduction App

Download Google Account Manager Apk latest version 2020 for Android. ThisapplicationisaGoogleaccount management tool available onAndroid devices. Itallowing users tomanage Google accountson mobile devices swiftlyand efficiently, which is beneficial forany type of user. Google Account Manger APK is part of the Android operating system that helpsyou manage yourGoogle accountin a simple way.

Google Account Manager utilityprovides an interfacethat is similar to the interface onthe laptop or desktop platform and is well-knownwithGoogle users. Themain options are simple and easy for even new userstouse easily.In reality, withGoogle Account Manager,Google’sintention is to inviteusers to sign up forthe account on your latestAndroid phone.

It is possible to refer to the stepstosign out ofaGoogle accountwithan Android phoneusedto accessa new account ordon’t want to revealcrucial information. You canlog out ofyourGoogle accountonan Android phoneguided by usdetailsin thesection of tips.

Google Account Manger APK can behelpfulin the sense that it permitsyou to transfer fromone device toanother , whilepreserving data and settings insettings in yourGoogle account.The utilityallows you toturn on the notifications displayedon the screenwhenthere are new emails orany other changesmade toyour account, so youcanmake changes to your account informationregularly without login.

Main Features

  • A familiar interface, simpleto use
  • It allows you to usethe sameGoogle accounton many differentAndroiddevices
  • Keep your settings and data up-to-datewithinyour Googleaccount.
  • Turn on notificationsthat is displayed whenan email is sent orotherchanges onthe account.

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Reviews Of App

You need to knowthat thisapp differsfromGoogle Admin.This app allows youto manageyour accounton your own and thensync it with yourthe smartphone.However, Admin is application toaccess the paid version of thecloud service.Administrators are the ones whosupervise and controlother users while workingon the same cloud platform. Asan administrator, you are givenmany authorities to keep systemat balance then prevent unwantedevents from occurring.

The truth is,Admindoes not differthanGoogle Account.There are times when users havemultipleGoogle accountto serve different purposes.You can use one accountfor personal and private task.You also have accountsforbusiness and work.Other accounts are for specificneed or urgent issue.There are so manyaccountsatbeing in use, it’sdifficult tomanage without this account managerapplication. ImagineopeningGmailfrom several accountssimultaneously.The main issue is whenyou can’trememberthe passwords for all accounts.You could still call thenumberfor verification.

The management of accounts is the mainaim of this application.If you are using anAndroidsmartphoneinitially,you will needtomeet certain requirements.The account manager will provideapplications to fill out suchasemail account as well as phone numbersand passwords.There are other thingsto synchronize and verification. Google has releaseda variety ofversionsof Android.You must verifywhether your system is compatible withGoogleAccount Manager andAndroid.The application may not functionin a way after updatingto your system. Themain problem is thatyou’ll lose your entireaccounts, and you must startfrom scratch.So long as bothaccountsshare the same telephonenumber, youdo notneed to think about how to bringthe account to normal conditions.

EveryonerecognizesAndroid as themajoroperating systemthat smartphones use. Google decides tomakeAndroidbecome open source, so manydevelopers and manufacturers can exploreanddevelop it further.However, smartphone userswillgetGoogle application asthe basicplatformto supportthis system.This is why you’lldiscoverGoogle account managerlatestAPK 6.0.1 (23).As you are aware,Androidhas a variety ofversions,so this applicationis also able to work withany version that you are running on yourthe device. Themain purpose forthisappis to manage yourGoogleaccountso that youhave access to allapps and features on your smartphone.One account fromGooglewill be very helpfulto enable everything on anAndroid device.

Google Account Manager File Information

Lastupdated: October 16, 2017
Developer: Google LLC
Version: 6.0.1 (23)
Requirement: Android 6.0
Size of the file: 7.9 MB
Uploaded: October 16, 2017 at 10:59AM GMT+07
MD5: 80c7f4e70b00d582aea072ea497b2539
SHA1: 2897bd5fbe06d8655d9e859622327027f8608202

Google Account Manager app review

You need to knowthat thisapp is distinctfromGoogle Admin.You can use this appto manageaccountindependently and thensynchronize it intothe smartphone.Contrarily, Admin is application togain access to the paid version of the cloudservice.You are admin andoversee and superviseother userswithin the same cloud system. Asadministrator, you holdmany authorities to keep systemin order and prevent any unintendedsituation.

Actually,AdmindiffersthanGoogle Account.Sometimes, users havemore than oneGoogle accountfor different purpose.One account isfor private and personal use.You also have accountsforbusiness and work.The other account is used for specialdemands or urgent matters.There are so manyaccountsatthe ready, it’sdifficult tohandle without this account managerapplication. Imaginethat you have to openGmailfrom several accountsat the same time.The most important issue is thatyou can’trememberall passwords.You can still dial a phonenumberto verify your identity.

Controlling your account is the primarygoal of this application.When you use anAndroidsmartphonesin the beginning,it is necessarytosatisfy certain prerequisites.This account manager gives youdocuments to fill in such asemail account telephone number, email address,and passwords.There are other thingsto synchronize and confirm. Google has releasedvariousvariationsof Android.You should checkwhether your system is compatible withGoogleaccount management andAndroid.The app might not functionproperly after updatingthe operating system you are using. Themain issue is thatyou’ll lose all youraccount , so you need to startfrom beginning.As long as theaccountsare linked to the same phonenumber, youwon’thave to worry to restorethe account to normal conditions.


  • You canmanage multiple accounts
  • Itprovides security levels.


  • Itis necessary to update it to thecurrentAndroid version.

How to Use

Androidsmartphone will useGoogle accountto verify.In order to work properly it is necessary to sign up for anaccount to access all offeatures. Googleaccounts manager onAndroidcan manage the accounttoaccess most ofthe features available fromGoogle.Once you’ve opened thisapp, type in thepassword and Gmailfor verification , then select aone method of verification.In normal circumstances, you only use oneaccountfor onesmartphone,but this appallows you to add ananother account.You can also add additionalaccountsby using passwords and choose themethods of verification.The app will sync everyaccountyou put to workperfectly on smartphones that useAndroid asoperatingsystem.


  • Thisversion isspecifically forAndroid Marshmallow.