The Bay of Plenty boasts some of themost beautifulsun, sea and sandinNew Zealand has to offer.Hidden along the sought-aftercoastline is Tauranga which iswhere you will find the famousMauao volcanoand dreamyMount Maunganui beach.Locals affectionately call this”the Mount”, as ithas water sports forthe adventurous,festivals and mouthwateringfoodoptions forfoodies.

Here are the bestthingsto doinTauranga. Things to do in Tauranga  areas.

Climb Mount Maunganui (Mauao) At Sunrise

Mount Maunganui is an extinct volcanothat sitsin a beautiful spotin the harbor betweenTauranga.Its Maori name, Mauao, means “caught by dawn”–so it’s onlyappropriatetoexploreallithas toofferatdaybreak.It ispossible tohike on a variety oftrails and it takes aboutan hour toclimbthrough thepohutukawa forests.It’sa steep climb,but once youget tothe top,you willbetreated to a 360-degree viewof Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty coastline.Mount Maunganui Beach is just one of the mostbeautifulbeaches in New Zealand, while Pilot Bay and Mount Maunganui Beach are bothclose by, offering a stunningview from every angle.You canpack a breakfast buffet(coffeeis not required) andstartyour daywith abeautifulsunrise.

Enjoy a thrilling adventurein the waterpark

{}McLaren Fallsan adrenaline rush takesyourinterest,look no further thanTauranga’sveryownWaimarino Adventure Park.Just 10 minutes awayfrom thecitycentre and you’ll findnumerousactivitiesset up acrossthe Wairoa River.There’ssomething for everyone, includingclimbing walls for rock climbingandslip andslide.The more courageous should notmissthe Tarzan swing, water trampoline orthe’blob’, a massiveinflatable thatsoaringly launchesyou into thewater.If you’re looking for a tranquilwatersport, Waimarino also offers evening glow-wormkayakingtours on Lake McLaren–it’sasdreamyas itsounds.

Go Chasing Waterfalls

Ahike to the waterfallisa must-doelement of anyKiwi summer.Startbygoing toMcLaren Falls Park.It isa 20-minute trekthatwill takeguests through caves with glowworms as well as native forestsandmany othernaturalwonders.You will also find severaltracks runningthrough the reserveofaround 190 acres.Getoutthereandspend some time exploring.TheKaiate Falls, located 30 minutesaway fromTauranga and is the next stopon your agenda.Follow the forest walking trackup tothesummit of the falls,andcontinue downthe cascadesuntilyoureachthepool. Take adip in this dreamy lagoon.

Sailing CatamaransTo This Uninhibited Island

Whakatanecan be reached byjust ashort drive alongthecoast. From there,you’lltake off for an unforgettabledayaboardacatamaran.Set sailtowardsMoutohora Island awildlife reserve onthe Bay of Plenty coastline.If you’re lucky to visit, you may seeunique native animalson the shore,such asTuatara fur seals,penguins, Kakariki and Tuatara.To get a closerexperience ofmarine life,go on a snorkelingtourofthe island.Wrap up your tripbyrelaxing ontheisland’s private hot waterbeach orlounging lazily offtheside of the boat–thisisa day in paradise.

The Dream Summer Festival

Are you  reallyanKiwiif you haven’tbeen toatthe very leastone summeratBay Dreams?They know how toput onan event. The January 2019show that sold outwas a huge success.Cardi Btakethe stage,performinghitslikeBodak Yellow and wowing anelectrifyingcrowd.Peking Duk (Sub Focus), LAB, Katchafire and LAB wereamongtheperformers whowere on stageat the NewYear’s celebrationin 2021.Bay Dreams is the perfect summerdestinationfor those wholovehot summer dayswitha fantastic line-upof glitter,jeansand camping.

These Stores Have Local Stores

Shopping in Tauranga Tauranga shopping isall infinding hidden treasures withinindependentshops.Those with a design eyeanda love ofthe Kiwi-made brands must visitthe PaperPlaneconcept store,which offers a carefullycurated selectionoffashion, lifestyle goodsandhomewares.Our Place isan areathat offersan ever-changingcollection of pop-ups from local shops that rangefromfashion and arttojewelry.Our Place Centre is builtout ofshipping containers.The centre was createdtooffer low-cost retail spacefor localentrepreneurs and artisans.Therefore, you aresure to find one-of-a kindgems.

Picnic In Style On Mount Maunganui Beach

Are you lookingtoenjoyluxurious surroundings?Abohemian picnic with views ofthe ocean and Mauao mountain is thebest wayto go.Bay Picnics is theperfect spotto host a birthday party, a celebrationcelebration, or justtohave fun.You will be providedwith teepees,big fluffy pillows,festive lights, comfortablethrows, and aBluetoothspeakers.With awide selectionofvegan, localand freshfood options, theyalso cater toyour everyrequirement.You caninclude flowers inyour picnic ifit isan occasion for romance, such asa dream engagement.

Participate inthemarket

Taurangahas something specialto offerwhen it comesmarket days on weekends.Thefirst and thirdSaturdayofeach month,look out forthe Little Big Marketsthat featurediverse artisans and delicious food items.You’ll findall kinds of food itemsfrom French crepes to rainbow shaved iceandlocal-made treats.Foodiescannot miss theDinner in the Domain event, which isa weeklygathering of thebestfood trucksin the area.Bubble waffles,hugepaellaand sweettreats are all part ofthe menu.We’reswooning over the tastytreatsthat are offeredby Hello Rosie.Sheis also aloverofvegan-friendly junk food.Ifyou prefer to eatan apple or a piece offruit thenthefarmers’ market on Saturdaysoffers a wide array ofseasonal produce that will enhanceany cheeseplatter.

WalktoMoturiki Island

Yes, you read that right, youcan walkright to theisland.Thesmall350-metreislandlies adjacent toMount Maunganui Beach and is connectedvia a walkwaybridge.When you step onto the island,you’ll find a blowhole thatshoots water outduringhigh tide.Take the path that faces upwardstoenjoy expansivepanoramasof Mauao and the city’scoastline.

Salt Water Hot Pools – Relax andunwind

Visit theMount HotPools at Mount Maunganui is a mustif relaxation and unwindingiswhat you are looking for.This salt-water pool,set against Mount Maunganui’s backdropis well-known for itstherapeuticbenefits.You will feel rejuvenatedafter asoak.If you’relooking to stepup the luxury, simplybook infora private poolandthe massageyou deserve.

Go toThis Quaint Historic Village

Enjoy a stroll alongthecobbled streetsof The Historic Village.It’ssimple to spend yourdayin this charmingvillage that is brimmingwith hiddennooks as well as quirky craftsmenandcutecafes.There are alsoa numberofsmall art studiostovisit,such asTurner Gallery and Imprint Gallery which means that the art loveris well taken care of.

Find the best local food

Let’sjust be honest that we are foodies.Tauranga’sdeliciouscocktails and bites will leaveyoubegging formore.

Ground Zero Coffee is amust-seeforcoffee lovers.They’re Bay Of Plenty’s onlySpecialty Coffee Makery. TheyofferIced coffee,as well asflat whites.Ifyou arelooking forsomething sweet,visitYo and Co. A dessert barspecialisingon waffles,sweet and savourycrêpes.It is alsoone of Tauranga and TheMount’s most well-knownIcecream shops.

The Nourishedeatingisan excellentchoice for health-conscious people withsweettooth.Thecafe is a plant-based one thatprides itself on usinglocal fresh and healthy ingredients,and isalso vegan.Youmightopt fortheWellness Bowl filled with herby browns,tomatoes, sprouts smoky tofu andcoconut tzatzikiasbreakfast.You can also enjoy specialitysweet treats like Nutella orfudgy double-chocolate brownies, andcustard doughnuts fromTheNourishing Baker.