A majority of athletes and workersare required to wear appropriatefootwear for their job. It’sjust ascrucial to have the right footwearwhile working or ridinghorses.Proper footwear or bootsprotect your feet should theyhappen to be stepped on. They alsowill stop your footfrom slidingacrossthestirrup should you falloff your horsewhenriding.Flip-flops, high heelssandals, clogs,shoeslikeCrocs,andrunning shoes made of canvasdon’t belong inthe barn.Rubber boots, too, don’t offerthe protection you need but theycome in handyin the event of rain, or you’re mucking outstalls.When choosing any typeofequipment, such as footwear be sure to think of safety first’.

What Not to Wear

Specially designed boots for ridingare available in differentstyles.What ever style you select you prefer, all riding boots mustbe made with a tread that is smalland a heelthat isaround1.25 inches(2.5cm)up to1 1/2inch high. Thiswill preventyour boot from slipping throughthe stirrup. Bootswith thick or heavytreads, likehiking boots or snowboots, aren’t suitablefor riding, buttheyare suitablefor workingwithin the stable.They are typicallywide, with a bigboxy toe, meaningtheycould be caughton the sides or thestirrup. They alsohave plentyof grip, which is beneficialto use when hiking, but couldmake itmore difficulttoget your foot intoas well out.

7 Common Beginner Horseback Riding Mistakes

Waterproof Boots

What you pick forto wear anEnglish orwestern-style boot is upto you. Westernboots usuallyhave a slighthigherheelthan English.Certain western-style boots featurecrepe soles that maynoteasily slipfrom the stirrups easily.Also, you can findankle-highboots.This might be more comfortableshould you prefertotake a ride inhalf chaps.But , any of these will provide youwithstability and security.

A majority of the cheaperbooties are constructed fromtheupper or lowers,or both, made ofvinyl.This may be lesscomfortablefor your feet and couldend up breaking down more quicklythan a good pair ofleather boots thatcan be repaired. Theymight not be as comfortable to breathe asleather,but they areeasier to clean up iftheybecome soiled.

Packersare now very well-knownandbesides looking smart,they’reperfect for everydayclothing in the barn, as well aswalking.They’re tough and provideprotection for horses while notbeing as cumbersome as someEnglish boots.

English Boot Styles

English bootscome instyles. Traditional dress boots. Thesebig black boots wehave seen inoldBritish hunting scenesarecommon in the dressage ringand in eventing . Theyare appropriate in nearly everyEnglish discipline.A fewpeople who ride in the backyard and on trailsare of the opinion that apair of tall boots providegood protection and support forall-day use.Some find them toouncomfortable and hot. Field bootsare similar todresses, but they featurea lace-up over the instep.They can be worninside the hunter show-ringandare more comfortable if youhave afoot withhigh instep. Thelace makes it a littleeasier toslipinand out.

Both kinds of tall bootscould or may not featurea zipper up the backso they’re easiertogetintoas well as out. If youfind a perfectpair ofnew or usedbootsbut they’renot easy to wear,it’spossible toget zippers installedor replacedif they getworn.

Paddock boots or Jodphurare Englishformsof riding bootsthatgo upthe ankle. They areusuallyused by childrenduring showstogether with leather gaiters with straps that are wornthrough the calf, justbelow theknees to keepthe jodhpursto bunchall the way upthe leg.Many adults, also wear them either with or without half-chapsfor everyday riding.An excellent pair will besuitable for use aroundthe barn, butit is not recommended toutilize leather boots toriding stalls or mucking. Jodhpur bootscomeinzipper, pull-onor laceddesigns.A fewpreferthe zipper design becausethey are easyto put on andtake off However, feet with higharchescan be uncomfortable inthepull-on style or the zipper.

Running Shoe Styles

Running shoe styleboots area great option for thosewhoenjoy a casual stylethat’s comfortable andsturdy, and doesn’t needany of the care that leather demands.They were as comfyas running shoes, withsome additional support ontheankles and sole.They’re actuallyan ideal option for those who areengaged in a sport like riding and tie thatrequiresa bit ofrunning.Many long-distance trail riderswear these.


The boots are availablein a variety of materials,starting from synthetics and cotton canvasto leather.Of course, boots made of leathertend to be muchcostlier and requiremore attention. Thehigher quality of theleatherand the betterconstruction it is, the more comfortablethe morecostlyboots will cost. Trywith a pair of$500 boots as opposed tothe $100 bootsand you’llbe able to feelthedistinction in comfort and support.A good pair offootwear is aninvestmentandwith proper care, should outlast the cheapermodel by many, manyyears.It’s impossible to resist the feelofgood-quality boots, soif new boots are outwithin your reach, look intoconsignmentshops and want-adsto find used boots you canbe able to afford.

Both Englishand western-style boots are availableas synthetic products. Themost significant issue withrubber riding bootsis that theybecome hot, hold the moisture andcan be really hardtoget off. They’relike a suction cups toyour legs. They’regreat if theconditions are wet,orif you’reattending a fewshows and you don’t want tospend the money forleather boots.

A lot of riders havetwo or more pairsboots,based upon the manner in whichtheytrain. Ifyou’re looking to exhibit, you will probablyrequireseparate boots for yourhomeas well as at the show. Of course,eachdiscipline requires a separatepair ofboots, and sowhen you’re planning to exhibitEnglishWestern and English,you’llneedthe two typesof boots.For winter riding, you mightrequire a pair ofcovered riding shoes to protect your feet from cold.Also, you can findtall boots or polo shoesthat have a brown or blackcuffs at the top.These are fine asthey’re secureand comfortable.

Already-Owned Boots

There’s a possibility that you have something inyourcloset that would workwell, butwithout theexpense of buyingshoes specifically designedfor riding.So long asthey have a heel or tread thatare appropriate and not too largeto be used as a stirrup, andthey fit well and supportyourfeet, they’llbefine.The dress boots with zippersto the inside of theleg won’t work.Always view your horse ridingoutfit with a focus onsecurity, which ismore important thanthe way youappear.