Do you want to get him madon bed and add someflavor to your sex experience?You’re in luck.This is one of the most popularsexual positions that we have seenmenenjoy.To ensure their woman loveishappy and satisfiedwith sex, menhave a tendency to spend the majority of theirsleeping on the bed.Now is your chancetoshow your appreciation.Make a reversal of roles andget your partner completelyon.Here are the most covetedsexual roles that men adore as sexisa majorelement of the human experience.These are not yourcommon, boring missionsary positions.Learnmore!

1.Womanat thetop

This is the most coveted. man loves it It allows you tobe the boss and lead. men love this position woman is the leaderanddominatesthescene of sex.You’ll be jealousof the womanin charge.Youcan set the pace accordingto yourpreferences, fromslow , but sometimes reallyquick.Keephimin the dark.

2.The reversecowgirl’s position

best position for couples  thatmen enjoyis the reverse cowgirlpose.This position puts the womansitting on top oftheman facing her.The image doesn’t includeanyeye contact or a lotof touching but the stroking will beenough tomake your manbe awed.You can stillkeep eye contact ifprefer, but you mayalso just lookat yourmanandspice it up.

3.The standing position

This is a skill that can be perfectedafter afew tries.The standing position is whenthe twoof youare standing andthe manwalks infrom behind.Thisis a great positiontoget the most benefitofyourkitchen.Simply bend forward , and then holdthe kitchen’s platform whenthe person enters your body.


This isoneposition thatpermits a lotof bodycontact andit’s a very intimateposition.The two of you needtositwith your backs against each otherand theman is able to penetrate.The man is able torest his back on youwhile you’re facingtheother.You may also turnyour backto facethemale sothathe is able to watchyou as you sexually assault him.

5.Lap Dance

It’shard to find anyonewhodoesn’t like sex indifferent places.It is possible to pull outa wooden chair, andposition your maleonthe top.Youcansit in front of him or nothowever this positionwill make your mamago weak in hisknees.It will be a pleasuretostraddle him and bein completecontrol.This positionoffers the additionalbenefit of letting yoube able to watch your man andkiss him.