Asas a sex therapist, I’ve had theprivilege of sitting down withhundreds of thousands of malestotalk abouttheir sexualexperiences, sex lives,anddreams.Although I don’t have any of thefeeling of being a guy as a therapist, I’ve been privytolisten to the male’s perspectiveabout sexual relationships.Eachman is different Therearesome universal themes that can be found:

1.The body isthe initialsite where you’ll findyour sex.

While women may feel compelledto sex by their minds, memory or thefeeling of emotional connectionmencrave, sex isan actual desire.Men are blessed with massive amounts oftestosteroneintheir bodies, pushing and drivingthem toward sexual expression.Erections pop up at the smallestprovocative event in young men.In the case of an adult male one reacts to theglance of his spouseorwifenaked in the shower.It’s difficult to quantifyhow his body’s chemistryguides his mind’s behaviour towardsthe sexual.

2.Sex is for guysto satisfy theirappetite.

sex for couples tofeelfull.Hisneedto be sexually active is similarto the desire for chocolates.Every episode providesthe chance of a mouth-wateringexperience, whether it’ssmooth or buttery rich ,some raw andbittersweet or silky sweet.The mind is constantly captivatedby thethought of having anchance to be thrilledand surprised.A day would not be completewithout dessert.Even though the current state ofthe relationship,likean argumentagainst his wife, couldspoil hisappetite,

3.Sexual energy is a source ofan energy source.

Sexualityenhances men’sintimate relationships withpotential and excitement.Thehormonalenergy that it generates gives himtheenergyandangertofulfill his life’sgoals and objectives and also tolove his companion.Hebattles everyday monotony in awe of the possibilityofa sexual reward at theend of a hardday.

4.Sex is a thrilling thing.

It’s the most thrilling adventure of life.Your body is a wonderfulpleasure device that he’d liketoenjoy at full throttle.Orgasm isusually reliableand why men loves romantic sex?  the variety of sexual actions in terms of positions, patterns and positions appearsto bea good waytoboost his pleasure.Eachsexualimageorflirtationis a hit withmale brain.His brainwaves surge with elationevery time he seessomething or someone who remindshim ofsexual activity.

5.Sex isthe method by which heis able to show love.

The moment that a person’s partner isattracted is usuallythetime when men consider it to bethe mostsexually satisfying.It’s difficult for men to comprehend whythey’re calledselfishdue to their needfor sexual intimacy.In their hearts isan expectation for mutual beautiful bodily pleasure.Heoften fantasizesabouthowtoenhance itfor her, asking fordetails on her sexual desires in order toimprove his love life.

6.Sex is love.

Sexual releasemakes men feelas if they’re finally at home.After all the painandtroubles, sex representscompassion and love and can providerelief and comfort.Although some may accuse himof “onlyneeding sex,” most men wantto feel a greateremotional connection than just asexualrelease.Being in love createsan overwhelming feeling ofattachmentto his partnerandboosts the relationshipgenerosity in faith, confidence,andoptimism.Being desired by hispartner can be the singlemost comforting aspect ofhisrelationship. romantic sex sought-after by the other.

While many women might wishto feel a connection with their emotions prior togetting a physical relationship however for males, sexual intimacyisusually necessaryto feel secure enough to allowemotional vulnerability.The fact is, the male’s sexual driveinrelationships is a giftand is a different pathtowardsromantic love.