Auto Mate Systems Ltdoffers and installs automatedsliding gatesthroughoutthe UK.They are highly secure frompedestrian and vehicularaccess 24 hours a daysandcan beoperated in conjunction with variousaccess control devices, such asproximity cards, swipecards, intercomsandradio transmitters.

Automated sliding gates are by far themostcommonly used security device forany site using remote-monitoredsecurity cameras. Forforexamplethe gate(s)could be controlledbysomeone ina CCTV monitoring station inanother area of the country.automatic gateThe gates that slide aresecured by design since thegatefunctions like a pieceof fencing, which thenshifts to allow access.Thegates that slidedoesn’t have aintrinsicthe fulcrum(as the hingesoftheswing gatedo) thus it is unable tobesmashed or forced opendue to a frontal force.

A sliding gateis operated with adrive racking(steel barthat hasnylon or steel teeth carvedorfittedon the bars) and is driventhrough a motor witha matching geared cog,in line with the teeth onthe driverack. It isvital to selectan appropriate motor that is poweredto connect tothe gate, and one thatallows for the quantityofoperationsthegate’s slide is expectedtocarry outinonehour.Keep in mind that sliding gates arenotfast moving, so if you havepeak traffic at shift startand end time,you should consider keepinggates open duringshortperiods or havingthe gateset to a specific timer orby a specifiedaccess control system- pleasetalk withOurProjects team toidentifythe most suitable and efficientsolution for your site.

Themotor selectionis the key to deciding the type ofracking that is used insliding gate’s manufacture. Nylontooth racking, nylon fittedto a steel angle , ismostly used for domesticgatesto ensure quiet running.automatic sliding gateMod4steel racks are usedfor gate motors that are capable ofmovinga gate ofbetween 2600 and 2600 KG.Mod6 steelracking is forgatesover that weight andup to 6000KG. Auto Mate Systems Ltd. can advise youabout the ideal motorsize, rack size andholds stock of all sizes.

Gates that slideare activated byseveral types of access-controlequipment,such asdigital keypads,Radio fobs, push buttons,access cards or proximity devicesbio-metricreader, photocell oran induction loop. It is also possible to activate the gatesrecently, with a mobileconnection.

Whenconsideringan ideal design for your gate,it isessential to consideris given to safety implications.InAutomate Systems Ltd, wewill be able to offer advicein all areas to ensurethe most suitablegatethat meetsthe requirements of your business, while also providingan excellent supplyand installation. This includesthe testing of force uponcommissioning.


Sliders with tracksoperate on a trackwhich is inserted into the roadway.It is made froman extremely sturdy beam atbottom of the gate,in which aretwowheels bearing.They are attached tothe rail, allowinga very heavygate toroll backwards andforwards easily. Thisallowsthe gate to bebigger and stronger, which allowsthe gate to have spansat least 12 metresand heights in excess of2.4meters.This, when paired withthesolid support frame orportals, creates asafe and high-qualitysliding gatesystem.

Thespace of clearance requiredfor a tracked slidinggate issomewhat less thanthe required clearance for a cantileveredsliding gate. This is becausethe area required for mounting theframe and motor maynotbe greater than 1millimetre.garage doorsThis will result in a totalrun back area of thegate’s open area, in addition toan additional metre to accommodate thegate support and motor. Itis essentialthat the running track beuniform and level.An upward slope couldnotjust forcethe motor towork harder than it mayhave been designed to handle but also could createrisk to your safetyin the event that it is necessarythat the gate be controlled manually.These are all aspectsassociated with a sliding gatethatour highly qualified engineersare able to discuss with our customerswhilecreating your track-basedsliding gatesystem.

We can offer:

  • Installation and supplyof a fullyfunctionalandfully automatedsliding gatesystem.
  • A 12-month warrantyforall installations.
  • Different levels of maintenance contractsthat will meet your requirements(allat reasonable rates).
  • A design solution toyourspecific site.
  • Diagrams and technical information aboutcables that we use for our products.
  • An inventory of items requiredto support yourconstruction design.

To get a quotefor an automaticsliding gate orobtain more information aboutourautomatic sliding gate systemsor other systems thatyouareinterested in,be sure to geton the phone, fax or email

Be it a commercialor residentialproperty, ensuringsecurity isa top priorityfor every property owner.It is essential to have the necessaryand proper security systemsat your property.

Gates are the maingateway to entry and out, proper attention must begiven while installing them. Modernsliding doors with auto-slidingarehighly sought-afterfor a wide varietyofhomes.YourAutomaticSliding Dooras well asSensor Door Systemproviderwill assist you in obtainingtheappropriate type of gatefor your properties as perthe needs of your property and budget.

Here are somebenefitsof installingsliding doors with auto-slidingandswing gates.

  • Convenience

Automated gatesare a hit all over the worlddue to their convenience.You don’t havetoleaveyourcarjust to close or unlock the gate.The system will operatethroughsoftware programs.You do not needkeep an eye on closingthe gateeachtime you come intothe property.It will close automatically onceyou enter the property.

  • Ensure Higher Security

If you are looking forthe highest level ofsecurity,you cannot denymodern day technology. Auto Sliding Gate and Auto Swing Gatemanufactureandbuildthese systems using the aidof modern technologies to guaranteethat you have the highest level of security foryour possessions and property.Features like automated locks andsafety beams that are integrated are extremelyefficient components ofthese gates.These gates offer optimal securitywhen compared to thetraditional security measures that are manual.alternatives.

  • Enjoy More Durability

Modern sliding gatesare constructed and designedfor use with regularwear and tear.Innovative technologies are usedto make them durableenough to last for a long time. They aredesigned to provide you withincredible functionality for the longestduration.

Enhance Visual Appeal

If it’s your residenceproperty or commercial one, stylish and appealing automaticsliding doorswill enhancethecurb appealof thesame.TheAuto Sliding Gate and Auto Swing Gate Manufacturercan build custom gatesin line with your designandpreferences for size.

SRTEC Automation offers a widerange of automatic gates,sliding doors, and various other typesofindustrial and commercialentrances. Weare able to providetheproper style, dimensionanddesign that is a perfect match forthe specifications you prefer. Our productswill ensurethe safety and security ofyourpremises.They’re durable, efficient elegant and reliable.

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