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India’s Top 20 Parenting Influencers

Anupriya Kapur

If you take a look at the Instagram account of this mom, two words will immediately come to mind: active and fit. Anupriya has found that running is what keeps her energized, despite her transition from corporate life to motherhood and working remotely. This account has lots of sari fashion, tips on fitness and parenting, and much more.

Riddhi Deorah

Riddhi is a life and parenting coach who has a strong social media presence. She founded the Easy Parenting Hub and focuses on helping mothers and new parents navigate parenting. In addition to hosting workshops for corporations, She is a mom-fluencer, with over 145k Instagram followers. She is currently on a mission for mothers to live a happy, healthy, and spiritually fulfilling life.

House of Misu

Summiya and Mitali, founders of House Of Misu are creative entrepreneurs. Mitali, one of the creator girls, is also a mother and has shared her motherhood journey with the world in the most beautiful and authentic way. Her child also has an Instagram account, @babykrispy. It is as fun as sharing their photos and videos together.

Chhavi Mittal

Chhavi is an award-winning mommy blogger and content creator. We admire Chhavi because of her 346k Instagram followers and 2.7 million Facebook followers. Her content on parenting is very popular on Facebook. This helps a lot mothers.

Saru Mukherjee Sharma

You will be inspired to look through “Diapers & Lipsticks” and see how she is not only focused on her health but also inspiring other moms. Saru’sSaru, Mother of Rudraksh’s Instagram is primarily focused on fashion, fitness and precious moments with her baby.

Shraddha Singh

Shraddha, an Instagram star who blogs about motherhood and fashion, has a huge following. She also has her own YouTube channel, where she shares her everyday life experiences. She is open about her experiences as a mother and shares her views on content creation.

Teejay Sidhu

You may have seen the Instagram account “Twin Baby Diaries”, which captures the world through the eyes and experiences of twins Bella & Vienna. Now, we have the opportunity to introduce you the mother of their account. Teejay is a multifaceted personality who has played many roles, including actress, TV host, traveller and more. She shares glimpses into her life, the fun and family-focused activities that occur behind the scenes at her home, twins and family.

Shivangi Goel

Shivangi is a certified Pilates instructor and a mommy blogger who has won numerous awards for her expertise in healthy living, parenting, and fitness. Her videos are always entertaining and it’s always a joy to interact with them. If you are looking for entertaining and informative content, this blogger is your best bet.

Haajra Fareen

This kind of image is not common on many mom accounts. Haajra has an Instagram account that is so magical. There aren’t many moms who have such beautiful photos. The account of this mommy features stunning flat lay photography with beautiful backgrounds and templates. It will make you smile at the creativity displayed. Haajra is a teacher by trade, among many other responsibilities she has as a mother and teacher. She loves to write “The Mommy Blog” and hopes to inspire others to discover their hidden talents.

Juhi Bansal

Juhi was a corporate worker for many years before she found her true passion in fashion. Fashionistas around the world can take this motherpreneur’s advice and try something new every day. Her creative style is well-known. This mom, who is also an Associate Director at Ahmedabad University, is an example of how you can chase your dreams through hard work and passion.

Ishna Btra

Ishna’sIshna’s beautiful beauty never ceases to amaze me. She is a mother of two and writes about fashion, lifestyle, travel and motherhood. In her videos, she creates lots with her children and it’s all hilarious and exciting. She also hosts insightful live sessions on her Facebook page, which I enjoy.

Smriti Khanna

She is a master at content creation, with over 1.1 million followers on Instagram. She is not only a content creator but also a mommy, sharing personal stories about motherhood every day on her Instagram page. It’s beautiful how she gives us a glimpse into her family through her content.

Jhilmil D Saha

Jhilmil, a YouTube beauty blogger, offers many tips and tricks for makeup! Her Instagram account shows her different looks, tutorials, reviews, and the makeup and beauty products she uses. Her baby girl Aishani appears on her Instagram feed from time to time. This mommy influencer can inspire you on how to find time for your passions in a hectic schedule.